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Till Debt Do Us Part. How These Newlyweds Paid Down $20,000 Despite Losing Their Jobs

Everything was going right for Kyle and Adrian Hildebrand. Until Adrian unexpectedly lost her job. Then several months later, her husband was laid off. Here’s the story of how these layoffs inspired them to pay off their debt, even with a low income.

Jen Smith 13 Feb
Micah Jankowski and Her Husband

Undeterred: How One Woman Paid Off $10,000 of Debt in Eleven Months Despite Several Setbacks

At a young age, most of us are taught that the key to financial success is going to college and landing a good job. The truth, however, is that this isn’t always the case. Micah Jankowski proves that sometimes you need more than a degree and job to thrive financially. Micah had two jobs for…

Anna Baluch 13 Feb
Debt Success Stories Veneta Lusk

4 Things I Learned Paying Off $30,000 in Student Loan Debt

These days, it is common to graduate with student loan debt. If you’re among the 2021 graduating class, you may find comfort in knowing that your peers are straddled with an average $36,900 in student loan debt, according to the most recent data.[1] I graduated from college more than a decade ago, but my results…

Veneta Lusk 08 May
Aja McClanahan Family

How This Family Paid Off $120,000 in Debt to Become Debt Free

Aja McClanahan and her husband Kelvin were your typical middle-class American couple. They had college degrees, a cozy house in the suburbs, and dreams of raising a family together. There was just one thing holding them back: over $120,000 in consumer debt. That figure isn’t that unusual, considering that the average American household carries $90,460…

Megan Robinson 20 Dec