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woman typing in front of a desktop computer

How to Increase Your Credit Score

Although there are plenty of companies that can help you improve your credit score, you can do it on your own for free. A DIY approach to building or fixing your credit is an effective way to learn good money management principles.

Lindsay VanSomeren 05 Jun
woman creating a financial plan

How to Create a Financial Plan to Reach Your Goals

Not having a plan to reach your goals is like taking a road trip without a map and hoping you reach your destination. The biggest benefit of a financial plan is that it provides actionable steps to achieve your goals.

Lindsay VanSomeren 04 Jun
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How to Manage Your Money (Without Losing Your Mind)

If you’re wondering how to manage your money but aren’t sure where to start, you’re not alone. Money management isn’t something you learn in school (although this is changing) and many of you probably didn’t learn money management from your parents.

Cat Alford 18 Apr
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How to Use Sinking Funds to Set (and Hit) Mini Savings Goals

A sinking fund is money you set aside every month for a specific purpose. Whereas emergency funds are for financial surprises, sinking funds are for planned expenses that are easy to forget about because they only pop up every few months.

Cat Alford 25 Mar
Couple enjoying wine on a boat

How to Become Rich: A Legitimate “Get Rich” Strategy for Real People

Becoming rich is available to anyone, regardless of their upbringing or education level. Here are some realistic strategies to get rich without winning the lottery or inheriting a large sum of money.

Cat Alford 27 Jan
Money and Relationships: Couple Combining Finances at Home

Money and Relationships: How to Merge Finances without Any Drama

There are many benefits to combining finances with your partner, namely a shared sense of unity and responsibility. Sharing bank accounts encourages you to work together to reach your financial goals, but it can also cause tension if you’re not careful.

Cat Alford 21 Jan
college student making a budget

Everything You Need to Know About Managing Your Money After College

Rather than waiting until you’re in your 30s, you can start laying the groundwork for a solid financial future now. And the first step towards laying that foundation is learning how to manage your money after college.

Jeff Proctor 11 Jan
Minimalist Living Room

10 Minimalist Living Tips That’ll Have You Living Happier with Less

Minimalism is about getting rid of clutter so you can focus on what’s truly important to you. Here are some simple ways to reduce stress, save money, and gain freedom in your life and finances using the principles of minimalist living.

Veneta Lusk 04 Dec
man thinking about buying vs leasing a car

Buying vs. Leasing a Car: Which is the Better Option?

Leasing a car can appear to be a great deal since the monthly cost is usually lower than a loan payment on the same vehicle. However, there are plenty of hidden costs and risks to leasing that you should consider.

Cat Alford 02 Dec
hands holding a piggy bank with emergency fund cash

What is an Emergency Fund and How Do I Start One?

An emergency fund is a savings account set aside specifically for those “just in case” situations — when your car breaks down, someone gets sick, or when life throws you a curveball. Here’s why you need one and how to get started.

Megan Robinson 29 Nov